Domain Registration / Web Hosting

The LINUX Webhosting is reliable in hosting PHP, Pearl, CGI scripts with backend Database as MySQL Most of the Online Portals, Blogs, forums, Image Galleries etc. are using PHP, which gives the companies and Programmers to develop the websites in low cost. Buying the Linux Hosting will give you the full control on managing the PHP, MySQL websites. As it is Open Source you get wide range of scripts and programs which can be used to start your websites without any knowledge. All our popular shared hosting plans are hosted on Linux servers which comes with Cpanel the #1 management software for customers to handle their hosting accounts.You will get the real value for your money without any hidden costs moreover in the past we were increasing the features of hosting packages without burning our customers pocket.

Get business email on your own domain:
Now use a professional email id that includes your business name.
eg. raj@shahtrading.in.
You can also provide emails ids to your employees
on the same domain.

Flexibility to manage require GB per email ID:
Rediffmail provides ample storage for all your business emails, and is more
than enough for 100,000 emails.

Powerful administrative controls:
Rediffmail Pro enables you to assign email IDs to your employees on
your company domain. Eg. sales@yourcompanyname.in.
While doing so, you can still retain control over who uses the email id
through an easy to use control panel.

Secured and Spam free:
Since security is an inherent requirement of any business email, we
provide a secure login to the mail service using 'https', where 's' stands
for secured. This ensures that no unauthorized entity can intercept
your information without your consent.

Email on the go, in your pocket:
With Internet access on multiple devices becoming a norm, it is imperative
that your mail is accessible from any device. We have enabled email access
on the popular platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry, by
providing applications that are free to download.

Customer Support:
Should you need any help, we have an in-house team that handles clients'
queries by understanding issues and solving it in the most efficient manner.
We are reachable to you by email and phone.

Peered network across all data centers in India
The mails which you send and receive will not be stuck in long mail delivery queue. Our direct hi-speed connectivity between our servers and major ISPs and other service providers insures the instant mail delivery.

Near 100% uptime
We understand that business email is a backbone of all the communication in the organization. With built in redundancy and 'no-single-point-of-failure' architecture, we will be able to provide you more than 99.9% of uptime.

24x7 server monitoring & operations
We have deployed a dedicated team which monitors the system health round the clock and even on public holidays. Along with it, we also have early warning system which triggers a communication to the concerned team members.

State of the art servers with fall backs
Our mail architecture is equipped to handle any sudden influx of mails or data. We have received prestigious Big data innovation award 2013 for our ultra scalable mail architecture.